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Welcome to NetScientia Web Development Corporation - Auspiciously providing search engine friendly website design, redesign, promotion, optimization, and Internet marketing for over a thousand years at outrageous prices! We currently own almost 600 web properties utilizing years of trial and error gaining divine knowledge of how pesky enigmatic search engine bots creep around gobbling up website content, and spit out accordingly.
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And NO, we are NOT paranoid- that's just rumours spread by our right wing enemies. We all have opinions. Ours are simply the correct ones
Our web properties consist of an eclectic myriad from ecommerce, travel, real estate and matchmaking sites to media watch, big brother "gonna getcha" conspiracies, orgins of man ideologies, ufology, alien visitation, archaeological and anthropological sites. The majority of our sites achieve top rankings for targeted key words, thusly, many of our sites are noms des plumes or pseudonym authored, not linked within, and registered under various aliases.

NetScientia Charitable Foundation

Giving to those in need - A rather worthy deed
Guidelines and Funding Criteria
We've been rather fortunate in our web ventures, and not being the ultra-covetous conglomerate we sometimes portray, have set up a foundation (ok, tax break) fund and are accepting submissions using the following criteria to evaluate grant requests.

Projects Should -
  • Have 501(c)(3) or not-for-profit status.
  • Involve collaboration with other organizations to achieve and /or obtain maximum results.
  • Animal abuse, rights, and/or conservation
- Only Concern:
  • Families needing funds for travel, accomodations, medical expense regarding terminal illness.
  • Planet earth eco-systems awarness, education, preservation, and conservation.

Web Site Design Internet Marketing Services

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All new prospects are added and reviewed in the order they are received. We'll get back to you with a more specific start date should we opt to take on your project. More website design info.
We won't take on new clients until Nov, 2008. We feel it's pertinent to devote all resources to current customer campaigns opposed to taking on more projects then we can effectively handle. "Quality, not quantity". This devotion to our clients ultimate resolve is why we charge more then other services. If budget is a main concern, we're probably not the firm for you. If you desire a site that will most likley produce a top ten search result for your targeted keywords, and don't mind waiting a spell, you maycontact us with your project specs and timeline.

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NetScientia Investors Group

Need capital for your hot new invention, project, or business idea? The NetScientia venture capitalist group considers projects based on a strict process of elimination system. To see if you qualify, click the info link.
Need a hot broker?

Work in the southern california riveria! Work in the southern california riveria!

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Sell your home on the Web! - Don't pay commissions!
Wouldn't it be nice to have your own personal home address to refer potential buyers, agents etc? We can whip out a two page keyword domain for 389.00 - Includes registration, a years hosting and search engine submission. check out for one of our example clients. (House is SOLD) This fluke of a brain child has become very popular because it quickly sells the house without having to pay thousands in commission!

Netscientia offers many keyword domains for sale. A key word domain with proper optimization can obtain top positions in any search engine. Contact us for complete list of current domains. We have travel, ecommerce, real estate, merchandising, web services etc. Over 250 dot com's for sale!

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   "We Temporarily Plead Contemporary Insanity"
SEO services
A savvy SEO service is hard to find, eh? Promises of high rankings amidst strategically placed keywords ala dubious link exchanges achieving page rank utopia. Well, "thinking linking" to other sites boosts search results, um, you'd be IN correct. It's a myth. Yes, we now have a pseudo-magical formula working for every site recently developed, unfortunately we're so back logged we can't consider new clients for several months. Which is ok, you wouldn't be excited about our fees. We've shared a few secrets with our visiontech child. Tell 'em Papa sent ya, Behave, and they might help.
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The Collective Studios

Collective Studios Video Game Developers
Have you ever dreamed of living and working in the beautiful sunny California Riveria? Are you talented and motivated? Do you work well with others? Would you mind and could you handle some serious cashflow? We're hiring, and we want to have a chat with you!
Billion Dollar Babies
Did you know that the video game market is 5 times more profitable then all the Hollywood and foreign movie business's combined? This is why all the major motion picture studios are now trying to license hot video development companies to create the hottest new game to coincide with movie releases. Why? Video games can make 10 times more money then the movie itself! the collective is one of the most sought after video software developers in the business.

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NetScientia Dating Services Network

Netscientia dating networks

NetScientia owns the largest dating network on the World Wide Web consisting of over 300 match related sites, many offering totally free contact personals for singles. (Which is we are so loved, so very much). We're also developing the Web's only true meta Love Romance search engine that should be completely launched by late 2004. Own a dating site with no singles? Need a little traffic?

Kern River Movie Ranch

Netscientia movie ranch

Hollywood's New Oasis
Nestled high upon a scenic mesa overlooking The Kern River Valley - A completely private, 58 "perimeter fenced" acre ranch on the Kern River with state of the art security!
- "Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything, missing everything" -
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