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true orgins of man - sumerian culture
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Sumerian Goddess Ubaid
Mesopotamia c 5000 BC

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Ufo - alien quotes of interest
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Welcome to NetScientia Web Concepts
Article Archives will be growing fast as time permits. We'll be adding newer articles in groups of ten so do check back for our irregular updates. You can submit your own frickin' articles in our new surfer contributions directory if you think it jives with the site content. (Which is thus far, undetermined). Can you handle it?

NetScientia Innovations - Sensations - Creations
This Archive/SiteMap/Previous Article page should grow rather quickly - in case you're remotely interested - and extremely bored...

World Peace Plan Everyone dreams of world peace!
This simple yet effective plan might just be the ticket!

We Need More Taxes! This page is making it around the web like wildfire! -
Hey, we love and support the Internal Revenue Services with 50k annually - Go IRS! Rah Rah! - Almost 15k hits a day and climbing two fold daily. Someone likes this page! :)

The F'Word Historical Usage Page **Warning** - Contains 'obviously' Profanity
If you're offended by the ole "F" word, this isn't your ideal destination.

Revenge of the Nigerian Email Scam Still our most popular page!
Give a little payback to 419 email spammers here.

Strange Wordly Facts weird but true facts about nothing at all!
Probably the largest compilation of its kind with more whacky info then you really need to know. Not a bad read if you're bored and seeking a hmmm haha.

Sex Vision Test check your eyesight, improve your sex life.
You best hope you pass this test or you'll be in a real slumper, a-huh a-huh.

Camel Spiders
The Evil Blood and Gut sucking Killer Desert Camel Spider - Fact or Myth?

George Bush Resume This page is on fire! Getting 2500 hits a day plus.
Facts and stats on GWB's job as prezident - Kerry coming soon!

Google Search Engine Tips
Google probably does more then you realize, and then some.

Thoughts on Alien Visitation
Read what previous "powers that were" had to say on the subject

Search Engine Website Related Junk **Yawn** - Don't be tired
Various articles on website design and search optimization.

Know Your Media! Are You A Sheep?
Links to the Media Conglomerate Reality *Bahhh*

Mans Orgins - What Are You, Really?
Thoughts on the Missing Link debate. Evolved? Created? Both?

Religious Impact Versus Scientific Reality
Bible belters will probably not dig this one.

High Ranking Search Engine
How to get higher rankings in search engines

Keyword tools and tricks
Links to seo tips and advice for webmasters

Life Perspective
Relates to the overall quality of life, and how it's taken for granted

Search Engine History
Chronological history of the all mighty search engines since conception.

Website design terms and definitions
Um, exactly what the title says, yeah, that's it!

Designing Search Engine Friendly Web Sites
Step by step process on how to design and optimize a web site that is search engine friendly

Keyword tools
Links and resources for utilizing key word website marketing techniques

Single? Sucks to be you! There's no reason to be single with the advent of internet dating!

Website content = Traffic
Creative ways to increase website traffic for no costs, just time.

Jobs! Help! Hiring! Cash! Palmtrees! 50 degree winter lows!
Talented? Want to live in the Southern California Riveria making 100k a year plus bonuses, and all the perks a California Yuppie needs to endure? We need you.

"Heck was created for those who refuse to believe in Gosh."

to give is to receive
Giving to those in need

Not Uncle Sam's greed

Will always be our creed

A rather worthy deed

NetScientia Charitable Foundation
We've been rather fortunate in our web ventures, and not being the ultra-covetous conglomerate we sometimes portray, have set up a foundation (ok, tax break) fund and are accepting submissions using the following criteria to evaluate grant requests - Projects should:
  • Have 501(c)(3) or not-for-profit status
  • Involve collaboration with other organizations to achieve and /or obtain maximum results.
  • Concern animal rights and/or conservation
  • Concern families needing funds for travel, accomodations, medical expense regarding terminal illness - especially youngin's
  • Concern planet earth eco-systems awarness, education, preservation, and conservation.
  • Hey, we love paying taxes, (cough gag choke) but would rather give to you! More Info

buy cheap computers online NetScientia Computer Connections
Still paying full price for computers, huh? tsk tsk... check out our good buddies over at California Computer Sales for the most righteous deals on computer related knick knacks. Specializing in wholesale Dell products, we can ship anywhere, anytime and offer telephone support at no extra charge. Excellent service beyond reproach.
Why wait, don't debate, CCS will treat you great!
(rah rah)

how to get high rankings in search engines NetScientia Website Optimization Services
A good SEO service is hard to find, eh? Promises of high rankings amidst strategically placed keywords and link exchange programs achieving page rank utopia. Well, if you think linking to other sites will boost your search result, um, you'd be INcorrect. It's a myth, don't waste your time. Yes, we do indeed have a magical formula that has worked for every site we've developed, unfortunately we're so back logged we can't consider any new clients for several months. Which is ok because you probably couldn't afford us anyway. We've shared a few secrets with VisionTech, they might be able to help.

totally free personals matchmaking service NetScientia Dating Services
We own the largest dating network on the World Wide Web consisting of over one hundred matchmaking sites, many offering totally free contact personals for singles. (Which is we are so loved, so very much). We're also developing the Web's only true meta Love Romance search engine that should be launched by early 2004.

totally free personals matchmaking service NetScientia Real Estate Homepages
Wouldn't it be nice to have your own personal home address to refer potential buyers, agents etc? We can whip out a two page keyword domain for 389.00 - Includes registration, a years hosting and search engine submission. check out for one of our example clients. (House is SOLD) We also have several keyword domains for sale. For example: With proper optimization, these sites can obtain top positions in any search engine. For complete list of domains for sale contact us We have travel, ecommerce site domains etc.

totally free personals matchmaking service Southern California Computer Consultants
Seeking a reputable computer consulting firm serving the Los Angeles, Orange County, Southern California area? We hear the lads over at NTegrity Computer Services are top notch! Offering computer repairs, network installions, and just about everything computer related, these guys are top of the line. Tell 'em NetScientia sent ya, and they'll likley double the price and give you half off. <;o)

totally free personals matchmaking service NetScientia Fun Stuff - When Staff Gets Bored
Ah yes, we do have lots of fun stuff we'll be revealing over time. This is one of our favorites. Having many high end sites, we get inundated with spam email, and this of course includes the now infamous Nigerian Email Scam. Well, we finally got tired of it and decided to have a little fun and get back at these morons. We're happy to report it's been a smashing success, so we'll now share it with you. If you'd like a little revenge payback action, Click Here Don't get mad, get even, Baybee!

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