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Welcome to NetScientia Web Concepts - We're Hiring!

NetScientia has a ton of projects that will not be found on, or has nothing to do with this particular site, which is for the most part, our corporate parody. We have several high end clients that demand total confidentiality in the development of various projects which will be disclosed if you are considered. (Nothing unethical or porn related). Hint - We are based in a large DOD contractor area, and several projects are not even disclosed to the closest friends or family - (who shall remain clueless). If you got what it takes, you'll be handsomely rewarded. We also have many mainstream projects, so it's not all cloak and dagger. For NetScientia openings only, scroll down.

The Collective Studios - Job Openings

Since being founded in 1997, The Collective has established itself as a leading developer of interactive entertainment software having worked on the critically acclaimed Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Fallen, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb. Our upcoming projects include Wrath; a stunning, genre-defining original title being developed for LucasArts. Our studio is located in the sunny Californian town of Newport Beach.

We offer an excellent compensation and benefits package including:

  • Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance
  • 401K With Company Matching
  • Relocation
  • Company Events (including a killer Xmas Party)
  • Sodas, donuts, and barbecues!!

Join our world-class team of programmers, artists, animators, and designers and apply your formidable talents to games worthy of them.

The Collective is growing and our needs change frequently so even if you don't see an opening for you at the moment please send us your resume anyway as a suitable position could open shortly. For current positions that need filled, you can Click Here to assimilate, or Email resume to:

NTegrity Computer Job Openings

Interested in a very lucrative computer consulting career on the beautiful California Riviera coastline? NTegrity is accepting applications for sales reps, consultants, and computer repair network installation technicians. Please email current resume/references to NetScientia Job Opportunities with Ntegrity Seeker in the subject field.

NetScientia Corporate Headquarters - Job Openings

Seeking Funky Talented Types - Current Positions Available:

Junior .NET Developer Might be filled, but PLEASE send resume anyway!

The successful candidate will have skills and experience with relevant web and database technologies including ASP.NET, ASP, SQL Server and a understanding of object-oriented design principles. Strong written communication skills are also important as project specification documentation will be required.

Proven experience using any or all of the following technologies (on the Microsoft platform) in a professional capacity is highly desirable:

o SQL Server
o HTML, Java/JavaScript programming
o Action scripting for Macromedia Flash

Experience with commercial content management / ecommerce projects will be highly regarded.

o Tertiary qualifications in Computer Science or similar
o Commercial development experience (e.g. VB, ASP, C++, etc).
o Commercial development experience in VB.NET, ASP.NET and/or C#.

Please include short cover letter outlining key strengths. Include any relevant URL’s and attach resume.

Junior Designer

Seeking a  Junior / Graduate Designer with a good knowledge of multimedia and website production.

Successful applicants will posses strong design skills demonstrated by an outstanding portfolio.

The role will initially be split between smaller design projects (working with Senior Designers) and website / multimedia production.

Computer literacy is a must. A solid knowledge of HTML, Dreamweaver and Flash would be a distinct advantage however fundamental design skills are the priority.

Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design or Multimedia Design) preferable.

Design of website systems from concept to completion (working with Creative Director and Senior Designers). Responsibilities involve client-side production. Quality assurance and testing of completed websites will also be required, as will content management and updates.

Applicants should be motivated, enthusiastic and willing to contribute to an award winning culture.

Production Lead with Project Management

The production lead is responsible for producing and managing the web development process between designer and technologists. In many cases, the role may involve managing projects from start to finish, including client interaction and management with associated documentation.

Production responsibilities include producing browser/client-side technologies (HTML, Javascript, Flash (not essential but highly regarded)), as well as interaction with the design and technical teams. The successful candidate will be responsible for complete website builds following project specification.

The role does include hands-on production work translating design concepts to HTML prior to integration of server-side code and content acquisition. The role also incorporates accessibility, compatibility and performance testing.

Applicants should have excellent verbal and written communication skills, experience dealing with clients in a commercial context and some project management experience. Proven experience with browser and client-side technologies. Knowledge of usability, accessibility issues would be a distinct advantage.

Opportunities exist to move towards full time project/account management (with technical focus) or to lead an extended production / client-side programming team.

The role involves all aspects of building, testing, and updating websites as well as quality control. Applicants should be both motivated and enthusiastic, and will play an important role in the development methodology.

Please include short cover letter outlining key strengths. Include any relevant URLs and attach resume.

Graphic Artists

Hey, you just have to be creative and talented! Send us a link to your work and we'll have a look.

NetScientia will pay you more then you'd ever think possible, but you must be the quirky type with talent and motivation. We're in the Newport Coast area of Orange County, Southern California. All applicants will be subject to 'federal' reference-background checks and be required to sign confidentiality agreements if considered. All applicants must have a clean criminal record and be a US citizen.
Send resume type junk to :

NetScientia Job Opportunities

Thanks for your interest in NetScientia!

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NetScientia Charitable Foundation
We've been rather fortunate in our web ventures, and not being the ultra-covetous conglomerate we sometimes portray, have set up a foundation (ok, tax break) fund and are accepting submissions using the following criteria to evaluate grant requests - Projects should:
  • Have 501(c)(3) or not-for-profit status
  • Involve collaboration with other organizations to achieve and /or obtain maximum results.
  • Concern animal rights and/or conservation
  • Concern families needing funds for travel, accomodations, medical expense regarding terminal illness - especially youngin's
  • Concern planet earth eco-systems awarness, education, preservation, and conservation.
  • Hey, we love paying taxes, (cough gag choke) but would rather give to you! More Info

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Seeking a reputable computer consulting firm serving the Los Angeles, Orange County, Southern California area? We hear the lads over at NTegrity Computer Services are top notch! Offering computer repairs, network installions, and just about everything computer related, these guys are top of the line. Tell 'em NetScientia sent ya, and they'll likley double the price and give you half off. <;o)

fun stuff NetScientia Fun Stuff - When Staff Gets Bored
Ah yes, we do have lots of fun stuff we'll be revealing over time. This is one of our favorites. Having many high end sites, we get inundated with spam email, and this of course includes the now infamous Nigerian Email Scam. Well, we finally got tired of it and decided to have a little fun and get back at these morons. We're happy to report it's been a smashing success, so we'll now share it with you. If you'd like a little revenge payback action, Click Here Don't get mad, get even, Baybee!

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