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Revenge of the Nigerian Email Scam!

Have some fun with the perpetrators of one of the most annoying 419 email fraud phenomena to ever spam the Internet. Spamimmunization Tips

We've all received them - those beautifully written, greed enticing get rich quick emails, while saving some noble offspring aire from a life of exile, bla bla bla...

Actual Randomly Picked Email


It is with heart full of hope and gods wish that I write to seek your help in the context below. I am Mr. Claudio Kabila, the second son of the late Laurent Kabila Former President of the Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R.C) whose sudden death occurred in January 2001. Having gotten your particulars from my late father's library, I have no doubt to your capacity and goodwill to assist me in receiving into your custody (for safety) the sum of US$37 million willed and deposited in the favor of myself and my mother who is thesecond wife of the late president.

This money is currently kept in a trust deposit vault with a Finance and Security company here in (DUBAI) However, the new Government headed by my step brother Joseph has on assumption of office setup an inquiry to recover all the assets belonging to my late dad including cash and properties with the pretence of safe-keeping, but with actual intentionof personal inheritance. All this because we are from a polygamous family. The investigation team has submitted their report, presently some cash andassets have been seized.

Fortunately, I managed to escape from the country,and with the help of our lawyer, I am presently living as a refugee here until I succeed in the transaction and due to the situation of things our lawyer has strictly advised that the willed money be urgently mved into an over-seas account of a trusted Foreign family friend without delay for security reasons. I expect you to be trustworthy and kind enough to respond to this call (SOS) to save my entire family and me froma hopeless future.

I hereby agree to compensate your sincere effort in this regard with 20% of the fund, when finally received in your local Bank account. The attorney here has perfected arrangements with the Bankers to effect complete dislodgment of this money within a week of the receipt of your response through telephone and fax. They have equally guaranteed 100% risk free and smooth transfer. reply me via e-mail: or

Best Wishes
Mr. Claudio Kabila ,

I look forward to your quick response. May God bless you for your kindness.

Our prompt and courteous reply

Warm Godly sincere blessings and heartfelt greetings, Dear sweet Mr. Kabila,

My sullen heart weeped upon reading your audacious correspondence, and I feel for your situation from the inner depths of my soul. Yes...Yes! I want to help, dammit! This cannot, and will not stand! How dare your step brother take advantage of such a kind hearted paragon of virtue as yourself! I'm just as much bewildered as I am belligerent about such impudent behavior.

Actually, Claude, (may I call you that? ) Upon reflection, perhaps we can help each other.

To be truthful, my little Claudster, because I some how truly feel I can trust you,  I run a large import export business operation between Columbia, and here in my home state of Florida. I need an off shore or international bank account to transfer and invest the millions of dollars incurred monthly.

If you could help me, I know I can help you. Does this sound like something you can arrange for me, Claude? I hope this does not scare you off as you seem like an honorable gentleman, and I wouldn't wish to insult you, but when all is said and done, you'll have so much money, we could just hire a hit man and take care of the meanie old Joesph once and for all!

If you're game, send me a bank account number and routing number so we can get started right away! I can immediately deposit almost $2.1 million U.S. into your account, and we can split it upon my arrival in Dubai (one of my favorite vacation destinations, by the way)

I have several million in various US banks that I must dispose of  in the next few months.

As a show of my good faith, you may review and verify my current banking funds, routing numbers and all other relevant account information here: <----- Read below "Before" Clicking

Log in: willowbrook

Please don't reveal that password to anyone, Claude. I have the Lords faith in you. In exchange for your help, I'm willing to give 35% of all funds transferred successfully. Did you hear that, Claude? 35%! Is that fair?

Thank you, Claude, so very much for being a God send to me in this time of need.

I look very forward to working with you, chatting with you, and you know, getting to bond with you kind of like a brother. I feel this will be mutually beneficial for both, and all dreams will indeed come true upon our glorious new partnership.

May God Bless you, and keep you safe for me.

Respectfully, and totally faithfully yours eternal,

Mr. Fred Rogers - Ceo/President - NetScientia Corporation - Kingpin of the neighborhood

** Update - The script has been mellowed out, so you shouldn't see a complete blue screen after the prompts, and it will be easy for you to escape. You should still have access to your browser, but you'll get the idea. In the original, it just kept looping. ;) To escape, activate a pop up blocker, or keyboard Ctrl Alt Delete simultaneously to end task.

Now, you can click the bank account link and see the little surprise they have waiting.

Oh, and so you know, the link is perfectly safe. It's just a customized java script and does no harm what so ever, so don't freak if you see a virus upload on the bottom left of your monitor. If you have a pop-up stopper, you'll be able to get out of it without a prob. If you do not, and get caught in the loop, just do the three finger salute (Ctrl Alt Delete simultaneously) and simply close the program. In fact I'll make it I tad less "loopy" so common folk won't have a problem getting out. *nodding to self* . Any of you web techie types are welcome to the script code which can be customized for a groovy variety of many deviously sinister pranks of jocularity.

We've had this type of email sent to most all (dozens) of our email addies - After this cordial reply, we somehow inexplicably never hear from them again. :(

Stay tuned, 'O curious ones. As time permits, there will indeed be plenty abstruse writings and odd knick knacks that may add in daily smile production. (>:-)

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