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political music groups alternative bands

Patriot Act Delusions

George Bush Resume

Internal Revenue Revelations

Catholic Church Watch

political music groups alternative bands
political music groups alternative bands underground tunes

Under The God Spell?

Man's True Orgins

Church and State Violations

Tax Taxing Taxes

political music groups alternative bands
Southern California's Own Screaming Silence
Music Written by Humanity for Humanity

Screaming Silence Music for Reality
Free Progressive Music to Make You Laugh - and Maybe Think?
All Listed Music and Lyrics may be Downloaded, Shared and Distributed at Will

Seeking the True Orgins of Humanity? The True Meaning of God? Church of Critical Thinking screaming myspace

Quick Guitar Chords printable lyric format ** = Unmixed scratch tracks - not part of album
alternative punk rock Times Are Critical - mp3

The times are critical
Your rights are fading

Cracker jack political
Christians invading
Ow Ow

Who's really your enemy
"Threat Condition Yellow"

Pfizer has your remedy
To keep you mellow
wow wow

So, like little sheep we shall follow, brain capacity hollow
It won't mean nothing at all - It don't mean nothing at all

You've got your tv's on
The news is typical

A few more dead, a human bomb
Oh how predictable
pow pow

The time to roar is now-
The ship is sinking
Off your knees, do not bow
Try critical thinking
now now

So, like little sheep we shall follow, brain capacity hollow
It won't mean nothing at all - It don't mean nothing at all

underground tunes free to down load If It Mattered To Me mp3

Put away the dogma cult routine
Theocratic Dominion Pachyderm Disguise
Hey, im just saying
You could lose the right to be a human being
It could fade right before your eyes
If you fondle dreams, that don't get realized

if it mattered to me - I'd tell the truth about human history
if it mattered to me - turn every bible back into a tree
if it mattered to me - there could be nothing but a secular govmint
if it mattered to me - IRS must account for every cent
mandatory IQ test, for every president

If it only mattered

As i take a walk down common street
I can feel the rhythm, of human diverisity,
Some universal vibe

I can feel the pulse start to skip a beat
Philosopy - a passion must start to subscribe
Ignite humanity - one planetary tribe

If it only mattered to me -
- entire human race would be the color green
- we'd take our place in the intergalactical scene
- tax the church and let the soldier be tax free,
cuz he dies for you and me - for the church's ideaology!

if it mattered to me - put a condom on the church of hipocrisy
if it mattered to me - polygraph politicians annually
if it mattered to me - every teacher gets a six digit salary
if it mattered to me - senate smokes a joint before making their policy
on behalf of you and me - that effects all of humanity!

Too bad it doesn't matter to me ..... much

new wave under ground musicPass Me Bye - mp3

All by myself

think of you

Don't really know

what to do

All these years I sat

and watched you pass me by

I don't know, I don't know,

why you passed me by

Day finally turns into night

Can't say what's wrong or what's right

All these years I sat

and watched you pass me by

I don't know, I don't know,

why you passed me by

Soft rockPurpose - mp3

All that I wanna do, just open my eyes, admire the view
I'm lookin at you, my purpose in life, getting me through

Sometimes, i get mud on my face, falling from grace,
for the rest of my time, i know that my place will always be,
right here beside you - I'll be right beside you

Together so real, we think & relate,
we mold & create,
inspire, each other to feel,
lessons in life,
to share and debate

Sometimes, my mind gets taken away, invisible trace,
every time, the thought of your face, shows me the way,
to get back beside you - right beside you

She loves me yeah yeah yeah, yeah!

As we keep searching inward, for purpose,
lines can get crossed, tears may get wept,
life sometimes reverse's, we all can get lost,
without taking a step,

Keep in mind if you ever get lost, just look behind you, in time, it's me that you'll see, whatever the cost, I'll always find you... cuz you are my purpose

She loves me yeah yeah

country rockBeautiful Life - mp3

Would you wanna know the reasons
why life's a mystery
would you wanna know that I
could set your mind free
Would you wanna understand it
would you have anything to say
would you wanna know that time
never really drifts aways
Would you wanna know that life is
everything you make it, what you make
determines future reality
One thing remains to be clear
it's a beautiful life
think I'll stick around, see what life has in store for me
spread a little love, maybe make a little history
maybe take a ride on the far side of life's fantasy
but don't stick around if you can't understand
life is part of your big master plan
that defines who you're going to be
just open your eyes to see

life is beautiful

Do ya wanna ask the questions,
would you even care to wonder
would you know that life sometimes pulls you under
would you wanna know the answers,
would you lie to yourself
could you let go of what you were taught to believe
if you could ever understand me,
would tell me what your thinking
would you let me open your eyes to see
life is beautiful

politically uncorrect bands Dominate  - mp3

Silence - All I hear is silence my friends
As we fall into a tyrannus dynasty
- right wing christianity Fed Invasion!

Slowly - we digress back to the sea
sunday school will teach "your" reality - - of "your" creation...

and for a fee, you can join the sheep club!
help spread the good word, giving every last cent, you can't afford -

- but fill your preacher with glee - for him it's tax free!
reach deep into your pocket, for his lord, to dominate your life!

Now heaven, is your reward, when you give your cash to a lord,
and if you don't you better pray, cuz there might really be hell to pay!
- your abombination...

Keep your boy away from Father John,
He's not been quite right, for far too long,
perhaps he should seek another psalm
- luke masturbation...

And you can join the club! help spread the good word,
give every last cent you can't afford -

And fill your Priest with glee, for him its tax free!
reach deep into your pocket, for his lord,
to dominate your life...

dominate your cash,
dominate your stash,
dominate your child?
Why doesn't this make you wild!?!?! Yeah!

progressive country rock music Every Time - mp3

Feeling down and drinkin like a fish you'll find...
something wrong with your life that complicates your mind

suddenly your on the phone, listen to me moan
cuz it happens every time...slurring you still love me,
you still want me to chase all your time...
Meeting at the Mulberry bush,
and stain our lips with wine...

Hoping maybe this will be the last time...
you call me...when your life isn't fine...
seeking that whimsical touch of mine

My heads down, didn't mean to cause you pain...
to suffer with someone else
never can be quite the same....

Like last time I say you gotta let me go,
you tell me that you know... but you just change
your up and tell me,
you want me to Meeting at the Mulberry bush,
stain our lips with wine..

Hoping maybe this will be the last time
you call me...when your life
isn't fine...seeking that whimsical touch of mine

Call me, mawl me, everytime.. brawl me, stall me...everytime...

You call and want to party every time...
Your hand is down my pocket every time
Take my heart and sock it every time..
always up to something always good for nothing every time

spiritual rock Towards The Lite - mp3

Like an abandoned ship, drifting Nowhere,
emptiness can drift inside

Got to back into a corner,
tell yourself Nowhere to hide


Like a foggy mist, that rolls in slowly,
blocking some things from your sight

never trust the lurking shadows,
as You fall into the nite

TOWARD THE LITE (ch repeats)

Bridge: You can't find this, You won't find that...
who knows where You are Before you ask...(lead)

Driving down some darkened Highway,
Seeking out some desperate road

In and out of every cross street,
never sure which way to go


funky love songs? All Over Again mp3

I Lived a life of minor tragedy - no real point of view;
Then... along came an adorable epiphany
- my symphony - in the form of you...

I could never believe, I would never conceive, these feelings
you've stirred from my inside... It's you I'll defend,
all my life till the end... my lover - my best friend....

Ch- Take me Break me Scooby you Make me complete;
every day, I'm falling all over again; each day I arise to those big brown eyes,
I know, that I'll be falling again... {Bridge} Falling each and every day...
Falling every conceivable way... In love with you...

2nd Verse:
Somes nights when your deep asleep, I'll sit and gaze at you...
Knowing it's my lucky heart that you keep;
I was meant, to spend my life with you...
The way that you see, I need to be me,
the way that you always give so much;
and all that you do, making my dream come true;
so humbled by your touch

Ch- Take me Break me Scooby you Make me complete,
every day I'm falling all over again; Your the blue in my sky
and the drum to my beat; Everyday, Falling all over again...
Your the sun to my shine your the moon to my beam
Everyday, Falling all over again...
Your the ying to my yang and all the air that I breath;
{Bridge} Fallling again ....Everyday... Fallling again ... In love with you

3rd Sub Verse:
And yet the best surprise, is when I awake to see,
it's not a dream and I realize, that your for real,
and you've falling in love with me!

songs about aliens Bells Keep Ringing - mp3

Bells keep ringing through my head - as my conscience drifts away
I understand what must be said, yet i'm not sure what to say,

alternative must be found, why turn this world all upside down
you left your clues, antiquity- but they won't yet face your reality...

I wont reveal my life for you,
bells keep ringing through my head,
I never chose to be a part of you,
crumbs of your bred..

Bells keep ringing through my mind - countless thousands in my place,
you ask of us - untwist your bind, as you play god from outer space,

cause and effect, is what you do, some cosmic cause,
some chosen few, Earth is home, go away, feel free to take your DNA

I wont expose my life for you, yet bells keep ringing through my head,
Lyra's ringing on line two, constellation phone line dead.


Bells keep ringing in my head - quantum immortality,
I choose earth when I am dead, you can't control that part of me,

We now know you're not that devine, humanity will be just fine
Earth is home, go away, feel free to take your DNA

I wont reveal my life for you...yet bells keep ringing through my head,
Manifest myself as true, my true blood is red

I wont do what you ask me to ...yet bells keep ringing through my head,
I never chose to be a part of you, crummycrumbs of your bred..

alternative punk rock ChristianPolitician Doe Si Do - mp3

Here We Go Again!

Yo, heads up people! we got ourselves a, church and state conjunction triviality, civil rights injunction, dysfunction illegality, all in the name of corporate Christianity- reality? human rights fatality!

Theoretical, theatrical political, hypocrital, get yourself logical be analytical, let's build ourselves a spine for gutless liberality!

Big brother's gonna tell ya who ya really wanna be, seeking to define your individuality, preaching some devine fairytale ideaology while sensorship reality of human sexuality

what a shame, what sham, what a lame ass god damn scam, now do I sound scared? Well I tell ya I am, might pack my bag and move to japan...

Yo, oh no, here we go again - ChristianPolitician - Do-si-Doe

Mighty Lord got all the cash he doing great financially, portfolio growing exponentially, his new supreme court? Just a formality, insuring your holy fiscal responsibility - yet their cronies get busted, with corporate cash or ousted from the closet with an intern's ass homosexuality? Politican partiality!

I keep workin, breakin my back, i could be chokin' or dopin' an smokin that crack, but the welfare folk all depending on me, to write another tax fraud check disability

I ain't fakin, i'm sittin here shakin', as our right to speak slowly gets takin' its breakin', ya'll, totalitarian nation in the makin' y'all

What burns me up the most is this puppet president, IQ of a fence post thinks an innuendo is a suppository and Dom Perignon is that dude from the Godfather - Thinks vulva is an import car from sweden, and virgin wool comes from sheep he couldn't catch before he started dating women since sheep couldn't cook anyway, ya know what i'm sayin'?

Yo, here we go, another Political-Christian Do-si-Doe

Politicans bow and take your ground - swing your christian partners round and round Pick 'em promenade and don't let go/ lose control - Political-Christian Do-si-Doe

alternative punk rock Life Keeps Bringing Me Down - mp3

Life keeps bringing me down,
Life keeps bringing down
as the world gets twisted around
Life keeps bringing me down

All the world's a stage,
most of us are desperately unrehearsed
feel like I'm diagonally parking
in a parallel universe

Sometimes it gets lonely,
others thinking like me are so far and few
Sometimes it gets so lonely
life can be cheap, but the accessories can kill you

Life keeps bringing me down,
Life keeps bringing down

Give me ambiguity,
or give me something else
I'm more confused then
a baby in a topless bar
I refuse to star in some,
psychodrama, of some bible belt

Yeah, sometimes it gets lonely
been there done that, seen it all
can't remeber most of it
lonely, I think I'll plead contemporary insanity,

Life keeps bringing me down,
Life keeps bringing down
as the world gets twisted around
Life keeps bringing me down


tunes from underground bands Modern Man - mp3

Hey man I'm just a high tech low life old school state of the art, a modern man, ok Neanderthal playing the part, caught up in fleeting moments of my serenity, wondering if killing time will damage my eternity

But yet i'm street wise, a super cool hip hot wired bottom feeding tireless wireless alpha male heat seeking smart ass bomb working hard at fulfilling my need to have some serious fun - if I try to fail and succeed, which one have I done?

Welcome to the world of a modern man - everything in stride with excessive moderation Welcome to the world of a modern man - monitoring life with care observation

Some people say I'm sort of a procrastinator, i don't know maybe so, I'll tell ya bout that later = I use to be somewhat kinda sorta very indecisive, compulsively impulsive and repulsively devisive - Last might I lay in bed looking at the stars in the sky and thought to myself, where the fuk is my ceiling? Oh!

Ridin the wave, stay ahead of the curve, goin with the flow never saying a word - Welcome to the modern man's terminal tenacity - unlimited broadband outsource capacity

just a mouse in the rat race of society - try to party to hardy just in case I need sobriety - stemming from perhaps an improper Impropriety undoubtedly unleashing a variety of anxiety

I'm justa low risk high rolling prematurely post traumatic interface database cyberspace fanatic - i love complex rough sex can't get enuff tuff love, I did send in my application to join the ultimate optimist club but they're not going to accept me!

Welcome to the world of a modern man - Upfront - down home - low rent - high maintenance - modern man, Welcome to the world of a modern man - a walking talking contradiction whenever i can, a ruff tuff hard to bluff royal pain like to eat my fast food in the slow lane

i can be over the top under the radar behind the scenes I can eat a gigabyte in a nanosecond, aight? just took an IQ test to be my very best the results was negative - yeah, i need a rest - I always wonder why I wonder, then start wondering why I wondered why I wonder - Yeah it's cool to be me probably sucks to be you, ya'll that think you know everything are annoying to those of us that do!

Welcome to the world of a modern man - I got have no regrets, no doubts, no pain no sorrow Welcome to the world of a modern man - I might plan to be somewhat spontaneous tomorrow check my PDA every day I got no plan Welcome to the world of a modern man
alternative punk rockExecutive Branch Golf Swing - mp3

Dumping toxic sludges drill more oil from the sea
nominate right-wing judges, supress all free energy

authorize a littler torture, then say it isn't so
concoctions of conjecture get those marines where they need to go

The Yes the Army is recruiting free travel - learn a skill
never any mention of how many you have to kill
If you're a good kid don't end up dead might get a GI bill
Or become an officer recruit some more be better even still

what's a few criminal bold face lies, just taking us to war
piss off all the allies, who now hate us even more

Record breaking deficits, tearing down environments
let's raise the global temperature  while building up more armaments

undermine your civil rights that are no more a guarantee
redefine freedom of religion - adios senior liberty

increasing wealth disparities as deficits keep ballooning
slush-funding faith-based charities - while terror threats keep looming 

we'll decide who can and can't marry
- as we keep cutting down the trees
tyranny of the majority -
Let's go party with the Saudis!
Let's invade some other countries
God bless you if you please

Death penalties executing  Lawyers keep law-suiting

Corporations keep polluting, While scientist keep disputing

The press that keeps on muting, insurgients keep on shooting,

soldiers keep saluting, You sport fans   keep on rooting

Don't forget to work on your golf swing 

Fade Into The Night mp3

Babe hope ya don't mind when I Fade Away Sometimes,
Just know I'll never let you go

- for so long --- I've been roaming all over
entirely - alone just me -

then I found love fairy tales are made of...

I try to be the one that you can depend try to fight the night
and function through the day...

Sometimes I can't control myself

I always turn around and the night just slips away

Sometimes I can't control myself

Night is falling and I can't slow down,
fetch another round
and when the time feels right

I'll just fade in the night,
That's where I feel right
it's where I'm spose to be,
some sleepless tragedy

and if I don't say goodbye,
don't mean I wont try
so darling if its all right,
maybe I'll just fade into the night
Babe hope ya don't mind
when I might drift away sometimes,

It's just a part of what is me
- yet I try to get over the night time thing

I'm always been my best, nocturnally
then I found love fairy tales are made of...

I try to be the one that you can depend try to fight the night
and function through the day...

Sometimes I can't control myself
I always turn around and the night just slips away
Sometimes I can't control myself
Repeat CH

Gazza the G-man Deep In The Heart of It - mp3**

Copyright 2004 - Gary "Gazza G-Man" Priest

Maybe I can read your mind
Sometimes we're falling backwards
Maybe it's time, we find another way
Try and get on through the day

The worthless conversation
We can fight all through the night
Tears are shattered, baby I'm combative
I'll fail sometimes, to see the light

Things to re-arrange
Sometimes you've got to change,
Deep in the heart of it...
You've got to change
Deep in the heart of it

As in dreamland I can drown
Seen in the sadness in your eyes
I have to hang my head way down
hoping maybe you'll realize
There's got to be some bluer skies

More worthless conversation
We can cry all through the night
Sometimes you've got to find
Another way to piece of mind
You can see, I'll let it come to me

I'm so blind to this pain
On my knees I'm falling, crawling
I can no longer please, release chains
that bind me, babe you can't define me

As tears fill up your eyes
helps me realize, I can't be there
for you anymore, but I can see,
what you meant to me, but

I can't be your mountain,
When you want to reach up for the sky
I know you want to seek a reason why
There's nowhere to start, with matters of the heart

Second Time Around mp3**

Walked into the bar - there you are- setting fire to my desire.
Nothing can break you away - my commotion, has no affect at all...

As you fade into the crowd to try, and pass me by..
Mistakes that you've made, are you so afraid...
That you might give up on love... you might give up on love

Like it or not, your heart might drop
and time, is gonna wear you down...
you might have to sacrafice, the second time around...

You might take a fall, or maybe you'll realize, there's bluer skies...

the 2nd time around...
You might get an education (of love 101)

the 2nd time around...
You might have a hesitation, and stand your ground
the 2nd time around...

Soo, you suddenly make up your mind - for the 2nd time
with a blink of your eye, as you pass me by, I know that soon
you will be calling- soon you will be calling - like it or not, your fever is hot

Try, dont let it get you down, you might have to compromise
the 2nd time around... You might get your way,
or maybe you'll realize that you've been found, the 2nd time around...

One Of A Kind mp3**

Thanks you! Thank you very much! It's all about me and when you can do for me,m thank you very much, I'm one of a kind

I'm just a rebel, without your cause
Won't let life get the best of me.
If I choose I put life on pause
If that's the way I want it to be

Cuz Ima One of a Kind

Don't even think to tell me what to do,
I'll just turn and walk away,
All the time I'll be laughing at you,
and all the stupid things you people say..

Cuz Ima One of a Kind

Don't need to hear about your superstitions
Don't give a crap about your religions
not to involved with politicals

Sometimes I sit around every day,
on my ass if that's where I wanna stay,
I know you'd like to do the same thing too,
but you're not me and thank God I'm not you

Cuz Ima One of a Kind

Mr and Mrs Sprout Dear John mp3 **

Johnny is a rhythmic chevalier,
Working life's illusion into rhyme,
A mellisonant budding sonneteer;

On the crest of a wave,
at the mercy of a pulling moon,
Counting down a flight from town...
Stubbing his mind on reflections of the heart;

Parades of simplicity...
Smiling charades of duplicity...
So long - Dear Johnny is wandering home,
Come late December he'll be gone,
A spirit destined to roam, lest we remember,
As johnny flies away - over the ocean,

Crossroad of uncertainty,
Pierced horizon's loom through uncertain skies,
Weaving between moments yet undefined;
Seeking to find - emotions to best disengage,
Another chapter in life, must turn the page,
You sprouting sage, the world is now your stage...
Go and take it - Be what you make it...

So long, until Johnny wanders back home..

Back over the ocean...

Incite/Insight mp3**

You people come into this world the same
but don't seem to know it...
you place each others blame on a God
but you can't show it,

it's time to move on - your future is pending
it's time to move on - or fade to black,
fake your attack in white - here's hoping your God is right

you've got to try try try -
try and get along, for a "change"... it's not hard, just open your mind,
and try a little mind exchange -

- or you'll keep falling, devolving back in time
with such desperation, fade to black or make
an attack if you wanna save your world - Insight+Incite!

The future's in your hand yet again, you just don't no it.
it's time to make a stand before you even lose your right to blow it!
don't wait to long, your future's pending
it's time to move on - or fade to black
fake your attack in white - or you'll give up your every right-

- and you'll keep falling, devolving back in time
with such desperation, fade to black or make
an attack if you wanna save your world- Insight+Incite!

Sister Lonely mp3**

Come live your life in splendor
Let's dance among the stars above,
Make a little love

Cuz life can pass you by,
Best not blink an eye,
Share it with the ones you love

Say Goodbye, Sister Lonely
Mother Time She Likes to Fly
Won't You Come Alive Tonight
Won't You Even Try,

Say Goodbye My Sister Lonely
Stop Wasting All My Time - Goodbye

Soon you know there will come a time
When you're feeling all alone
It's a destitute, lonely rode
And when that lonely time does come
Your heart might go numb
Just be strong and let it flow

Stop Wasting My Time
Wanna Spread My Wings And Fly
Just One Word To Say To You,

Sister Lonely... Goodbye!

Walk Away mp3**

Tears in my eye.
But I don't cry
Nothing to say, walk away

Made up her mind
To leave this time Better not stay, walk away

No time to criticize
I can see it in your eyes
When will I realize
You've got top walk away

Nothing to do
But think of you
Things aren't ok, walk away

We both know
It's time to go
Yet time tends to fade
Just walk away

Repeat CH

RipJam mp3 | Tear Eye Mix mp3 | Slow Trip Mix mp3 | 2nd Time Instrumental mp3

Free Screaming Silence Album Available on Compact Disc

screaming silence compact disc album cover  screaming silence compact disc lable  screaming silence compact disc inside insert

We will soon have an order form link provider here. All CD's will be sent out free of charge, less duplication and shipping cost. The above music is not for profit, and may be distributed freely. We only ask that you help spread the world of critical thought.

The band considers themselves citizens of the planet earth, and wish to start a process of understanding so that our fellow human beings can realize we're all the same species. With all the fantastic discoveries and technological advancements made in the last 100 years, isn't it a shame that we're still seen as war mongering tribal idiots that still kill one another over differences in ideaologies, orgins and greedy power seeking fundamentalism.

Hey, let's evolve so the countries of the world can use the trillions of dollars spent on weapons of war for ending starvation, curing diseases, healing the planet and uniting with each other as a peaceful tribe of the Planet earth.

Starting with the Sumerians, the first great culture 6,000 years ago that spawned the Bablylonians, Persians, and Assyrians, through ALL subsequent "Intelligent advanced civilizations" and "non-advanced" indigenous cultures including the American Indians of North America, Mayan and Inca empires of South America, Aborigines of Australia, ancient Chinese and Hindu text scriptures from the Far East, Egyptians, of the Middle East, Dogons tribe of Africa, and the Greek and Roman Gods of "mythology", every culture accepted for a fact that heavenly beings (Or Gods) had created Man kind - homosapiens- (In their own likeness, no less). Some coincidence to be a "myth", huh?

Continue with Mans True Orgins

To read more about the above mentioned myths, and view extraterrestrial related petrographs/petroglyphs from around the globe, see our Under the God Spell page.

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